With green hydrogen being catapulted into the centre of a road map for a net-zero future, electrolyser technologies have in recent years gained more interest than ever since commercial electrolysis first started in the early 1900s. A concerted global effort in building electrolyser plants of 105 GW capacity would help meet the 1.⁵⁰C Climate Goal.

The EU has committed to installing a 40 GW capacity of electrolyser plants by 2030, with France’s planned capacity of 6.5 GW being the biggest in the territory.

Green Hydrogen from Electrolysis

Only 0.1% of global dedicated hydrogen production today comes from water electrolysis. Using…

Submarine power cables are a critical asset in the renewable power sector. Yet it’s a costly maintenance affair, with its almost inevitable faults. The average cost of repairing a sub-sea cable is around £2–5 million per km and has accounted for 77% of the total financial losses in global offshore wind projects.

Subsea cables success story

Studies project offshore wind farms to grow annually at 15%, with global demand for power cables estimated at 24,103km by 2025.

And the scramble is on for finding, manufacturing and maintaining quality subsea power cables.

The upsurge in the renewable energy sector’s dependence has…

Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) technologies are not an antidote for climate change. However, in a world that is still reliant primarily on fossil fuels for its energy needs, CCUS technologies will act as a catalyst to help curb industrial emissions.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) affirms; with CCUS we can reduce the global carbon dioxide emissions by a fifth.

How does CCUS work?

CCUS comprises a chain of different technologies. The tech enables the storage of carbon dioxide produced in power plants and factories instead of letting it out into the atmosphere. This crucial first step happens by…

The EU is on a mission. They need to decarbonize their power sector and fast. Is Europe heading in the right direction for a carbon-neutral future?

Yes. It is encouraging to see that the EU’s production of hard coal has reduced to 77% (65 million tonnes) compared to that of 1990. The more pressing questions though are how to transition smoothly from coal to gas, the status of coal plant phase-outs, and its site’s transformation.

The Green Deal and the End of a Coal Era

With the EU’s foot firmly rooted in the European Green Deal, the EU member states…

50% of the global population lives in an urban area, a figure bound to increase to 70% in 2050. It will immensely pressure existing resources and increase the demand for services. According to experts, a crucial component in creating smarter cities that are ready for growth sustainably is by implementing infrastructural, energy-efficient innovations.

Are future cities more green, more efficient?

The EU Smart Cities Marketplace platform and the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) claim an investment of €585.3 million, matched with investor interest. The EU is pulling all stops to reach its goal of a climate-neutral 2050, which is at…

Amazon, Google and Facebook signed Power Purchase Agreements amounting to 503 MW in Europe (Spain, Denmark and France respectively) last year. They are part of the growing 1.9GW worth of corporate renewable PPAs signed in Europe by 2020 first quarter.

What are PPAs and what is their USP?

The power of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or contract is its long-term nature, wherein two parties — a power producer and a customer (who could be a trader, electricity distributor, supplier or a consumer) are working together anywhere between 5 or 20 years. …

The future of clean energy could be small, modular, and nuclear. What are Small Modular Reactors and why is the nuclear power industry excited about them?

In addition to an increased interest from China, India, and Russia, the U.S., the U.K., and Canada, have signalled growing support for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in the closing weeks of 2020. Canada has also launched a 27-point SMR national action plan to tap into SMR technologies valued at USD 4.57 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $300 billion a year by 2040.

SMR technologies are valued at USD 4.57 Billion in…

About $846.12 billion is forecasted to be invested in Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) between 2020 and 2030. In this decade, DERs will become an undeniable part of the energy mix. The change in how consumers turn into prosumers by connecting their small and medium-sized power sources to the existing distribution network has disrupted the energy markets in Australia already. Australia aims to supply 45% of its electricity needs through DERs by 2050. …

With the successful rollout of 200 million smart meters, the EU commission has paved the way for grid operators and power & utilities companies to unleash the power of data hubs.

With consumption data becoming available real-time, energy market players can better balance demand and supply and the stability of the grid, and consumers stand to gain better control over how and when they consume electricity.

Why Data Hubs Now?

The different participants in an electricity system, including power generators, TSOs, DSOs, electricity suppliers and consumers communicate and exchange data with each other. Everyone exchanging data with everyone is a…

The European energy market is witnessing a paradox of sorts. The curious case of a disconnect between decreasing renewable energy prices and the wholesale electricity market that shows a steady uptick at €21.6 per 100 kWh, according to Eurostat.

How Renewable Energy Costs are Getting Lower

The EU-27 recently recorded 19.7% of its energy consumed from renewables, just 0.3% shy of its 2020 target. It could be because of overall low energy consumption during COVID times, which recorded a 7% dip in energy demand.

There have also been several advancements in product design of wind turbines and solar PVs, more…

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